Rashad comes to town


Basketball and Bible-thumpin’ don’t really mix for me. That’s why I’m glad I didn’t go to see today’s exhibition game between ACC stars and a team put together by a local ministry group.

I drove by Ashvegas High after hearing that Rashad was planning to show up and shoot some hoops against a bunch of scrubs and some fellow ACC players, including Dookie Daniel Ewing. The line of people snaked around the gym, up the hill and spilled down Victoria Ave. A couple of thousand people, easy. I kept on driving.

Rashad’s showing was a bit of a surprise. He’s already said he’s headed to the NBA, signed an agent and has reportedly been seen tooling around Chapel Thrill in a brand new Beamer or Benzino or some other ridiculously priced vehicle.

Rashad’s appearance was definitely big news for Ashvegas folks. It’s the first time he’s played in WNC since his days at Erwin High. He suited up for the “home” team, the group playing for the ministry guys.

I later heard that the half-time show of the game was a 90-minute sermon. The preachin’ was held before the playin, just to be sure nobody left early. I can appreciate what the ministry guys are doing, but when the message is force-fed, you’ve lost me.

I’ll see Rashad and company play another day.