Plans submitted for Craven Street condo building and downtown Asheville building renovation


68 Craven Street Condos

Two new development projects for Asheville are in the works: a proposed Craven Street condo building near the New Belgium Brewing brewery; and a proposed renovation to large downtown Asheville building.

Both projects are scheduled to be heard at the Aug. 19 meeting of the Asheville Technical Review Committee, a group of  representatives from various city departments that offer feedback on development projects. Here’s a quick look:

68 Craven Street Condos: A developer is proposing to build a four-story, 57,384-square-foot building containing 37 residential units along Craven Street, across from New Belgium’s brewery there. The project is called 68 Craven Street Condos.

Starr Building: There’s a proposal to renovate the Starr Building in downtown Asheville. The large building fronts both Broadway Street and North Lexington Ave. The plans call for a mixed-use building that would house a restaurant with up to 100 seats, new retail space and 23 short-term rental condominium units.

The projects are on the agenda for the Aug. 19 meeting of the Technical Review Committee, which meets at 2 p.m. in Room A-109 at 161 S. Charlotte St.

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hauntedheadnc July 31, 2019 - 8:54 am

When was the last time anyone built any residential units downtown that actual residents were allowed to live in? Seems like it’s been nothing but glorified hotels pretending to be condos and apartments, for years.

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