Photos: Small Terrain, new shop offering supplies for living off the grid


From the shop’s Facebook page:

We offer supplies, resources, workshops + inspiration for a variety of homestead and sustainable lifestyle activities such as vegetable gardening, composting, chicken keeping, canning + preserving foods, bee keeping, herbal medicine, mushroom cultivation, home dairy and more. Books and educational workshops that complement the store’s products will also be offered. As the business develops, services will be added including home design consultation and community urban design services, such as small-scale stormwater mitigation projects and a neighborhood pedestrian friendly streets initiative.

SMALL TERRAIN’s work is dedicated to inspiring and enabling healthy change of our built environment and personal lives, toward a more harmonious, more resilient way of modern living. Our focus is on incremental, small-scale projects in the realms of urban homesteading and sustainable urban design.

Its wares, including bulk organic herbs, are beautifully displayed in an inviting space on Haywood Road.

Small Terrain website

Small Terrain on Facebook

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jabob October 24, 2012 - 8:44 pm

this place looks awesome!

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