PHOTOS: Asheville restaurant workers compete in Bartender Winter Games at Pisgah Brewing


Pisgah Brewing, in conjunction with the Asheville Radio Group’s 105.9 the Mountain and 98.1 the RIVER hosted the Bartender Winter Games on Sunday, an event that coincided with the closing of this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. Teams competed in events like a toboggan race with a leaf blower and a can of Pisgah, and Wii ice dancing. Check out these photos by Mary Juliano.

The results: 1st-Ice Bar, 2nd-Bier Garden, 3rd Social, 4th Local Taco, 5th tie Moe’s Hick Tavern, 6th Mellow Mushroom, 7th Black Mountain Ale, 8th Favillas.

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