Pecha Kucha, art and design event, coming to River Arts District


Here’s the press release:

Please join us for our 5th installment of PKN – Asheville.

As you may already know, PKN is a great event which focuses on Art and Design, featuring local designers and artist who are bold enough to share what inspires them through a short slide show. It is a global design forum with a local event here in Asheville.
What’s the format: put 20 images together, submitt them to us, and prepare to tell us what they are and why they matter. Then we project 20 slides on the screen for 20 seconds a piece. The presentations should be a narrative which outlines your design intensions, your background, your inspirations, creative explorations, or a graphical narrative providing us with visual manna. Each presentation last no more than 6mins40secs. It is an easy way to share your own design aesthetic or a narrative describing the inspirations that orbit around your design efforts. You can showcase your own work, a life in the day of you, or a series of images that must be shared. Visit the links below for examples and more information about the format.

This will be our first venue in the River Arts District. The event will be held at the Phil Mechanics Studio. As always, we will have food in drink for all, and require a small fee of 7$ to enjoy all you can.

Call 828-713-1169 or email for more information about submissions and particulars.