Panties and poker


Our local TV news had a story tonight about Maggie Valley’s porn star opening up a panty shop in town, and the “outrage” it was creating. The outrage was supplied by one overweight redneck who said “We don’t need that kind of stuff here in Maggie Valley. That’s not what we’re about.”

The porn star’s name, by the way, is not “Maggie Valley,” although come to think of it, that’s not a bad name. Her shop is in a strip mall. (sorry) I can imagine people would want a custom sex doll made out of her.

Her name is Victoria Steele, and though I’ve never even heard of her before, I somehow knew exactly how to spell her name. I think “Steele” is a porn star sort of name.

The news billed Victoria’s store as an “adult clothing and novelty shop” that doesn’t sell any pornographic material. (wonder if she named it Victoria’s Secret?)

Calling Miss Steele a “porn star” is a bit of a stretch. A quick Google search of a couple of porn star databases and porn websites like turned up exactly O fan Web pages, photo galleries or video galleries dedicated to her on’s “girl directory,” which I think may be a new low in the porn world. (Sadly, I couldn’t find a single photo to add to my blog post, either.)

Victoria “starred” in exactly five movies, according to, including such celluloid classics as “World’s Biggest Bang Off” and “Jone T. Bone’s World’s Biggest Bang Off,” both in the “gangbang” genre, which Victoria apparently specialized in. Her other movie genres include “oral” and “feature.”

Victoria starred with other porn star luminaries, including Candy Apples, Michael J Cox (Alex P. Keaton, he’s not), Brian Surewood, Brandon Iron, Kendra Jade, Rebecca Lord (Tracy’s long lost sister?) and the great Dave Hardman.

The TV news story (if that’s what you want to call it) included a couple of classic quotes. Victoria, whose shop sits next to one little storefront flying the Confederate flag (is that pornographic like videos from some would argue yes), when asked what she thought about people who didn’t like her displays of thongs, pasties and leather chaps, said they could all “kiss my ass,” with the offending word bleeped out, of course.

One shop owner said he didn’t mind at all. Summing up the historic mountain credo of “live and let live,” he said that if that little girl wanted to sell underwears or “candy drawers,” that was her right.

Finally, the news noted that Maggie Valley has always thought itself a family vacation spot, home to trout festivals and the now defunct Ghost Town in the Sky mountaintop amusement park. The report went on to say that Maggie Valley is on the way to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, and that Victoria got most of her business from these casino bound tourists.

Talk about hedonistic devil worshippers!

Panties and poker all in one vacation?! Oh, law.


Barbi January 4, 2007 - 8:16 pm

The films you found on the adult database site were of a Victoria Steele from Canada and not Ms Steele from NC.

Ash May 14, 2005 - 3:43 am

I’ve been meaning to visit, perhaps even this weekend. Hopefully she’ll talk to me, let me take a few photos.

husband in the dog house May 13, 2005 - 3:23 am

Nice store. She is quite pleasant to talk to if a little paranoid the local cops are trying to sting her. Not a bad selection and inexpensive prices.

won't tell April 21, 2005 - 3:18 pm

she has a xxx store i think maggie valley should really look into it further back room says it all

WankerWeasel April 7, 2005 - 9:33 pm

Oh man. I was there in the fall. I totally would have stopped and bought stuff there if it was around then. I plan to return this comming fall again and I’ll stop by and give it some business. I’m sure all my friends what were with and will be there again will too!

dave April 2, 2005 - 1:40 am

So exactly what does this place sell? Lingerie and toys but no videos or magazines? Don’t those “candy drawers” get all sticky when warm?


Graser March 30, 2005 - 11:26 am


Graser March 30, 2005 - 11:26 am

My porn star name: Smoky Lafayette

Graser March 30, 2005 - 11:26 am

My porn star name: Smoky Lafayette

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