Oxford American Q&A with Asheville’s Sister Bad Habit


Oxford American
has a great Q&A with Asheville’s own Sister Bad Habit, the high-riding queen of comedy on the streets of Ashvegas. As we know here in town, Sister is an integral part of the amazing LaZoom purple bus comedy tour and just another regular on our funky streets. Click over to read and let the hilarity ensue. Here’s a sample:

GC: What has been the most uplifting moment in your battle against sin?

SBH: I would have to say it was about a year ago when I was riding my twelve-foot-tall, high-and-mighty bicycle through a town in the hinterlands outside Asheville, with my boom box attached to the front. It brought such joy to the people. They eventually joined in, chasing me and screaming loudly: “Keep moving, Sister.” They felt my purpose so much that they began waving farm tools and pitchforks and firing up torches. The parade grew until it seemed the entire town had joined the festivities. But as I now reflect on it, they were probably pagans. And here I was just spreading to them my message that if you teach a dirty farmer to fish, he may fall in the water and become bathed.