Outdoor fun coming soon: 2012 Asheville Idiotarod Shopping Cart Race


This year’s event is Sunday Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. Five people per team. Get a shopping cart, wear costumes (Mad Max, smurfs, superhoeroes) and get to the finish line. Afterparty at the Bywater. “Awards” are here.

From the 2012 organizers:

Wikipedia defines the Idiotarod as:

“The Idiotarod is a shopping cart race in which teams of five “idiots” tie themselves to a (sometimes modified) grocery store shopping cart and run through the streets of a major metropolitan area. The race usually features people in costumes and themedfloats. The races are fun competitions where sabotage, costume, and presentation are rewarded. Sabotage such as tripping competitors, throwing marbles or large obstacles in their paths, and the spreading of misinformation such as false route information are common.

The Idiotarod is named after the Iditarod, a 1,000 mile dog-sledding race in Alaska.”

But IT IS SOOO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! ASHEVILLE’s Idiotarod is unique in that is also a Food Drive, involves community service projects, AND 20% of the proceeds go to winning teams’ choice of Non-Profit! It’s literally the most fun you’ll ever have giving back!

The entry fee is $150.00 per team ($30 per person) until November 1. As of the morning on November 1, the entry fee is $175 per team ($35 per person). You can sign up the day of the event at the starting line no later than 1:30 PM. If you can let us know that you are coming it would better help us prepare, but we won’t turn you away – especially if you’re super awesome or dressed like The Hoff.

The race will officially begin at 2:00 pm on Sunday, November 18 off Old Lyman St in the River Arts District. From there you will launch valiantly towards The ByWater (permit permitting) with a few surprises in store. We will give racers a starting line, some community service checkpoints and a finish line. You choose the fastest path. You will be held at each checkpoint for the of trials and challenges that will build your character as you journey toward victory. What are they you ask? Well . . . that’s the part that’s none of your business.

Website here.

Signup here.