Ordering off the menu: Guy calls Asheville restaurants, offers cash for workers’ panties


Gotta love the West Asheville Exchange page on Facebook, where all kinds of craziness gets aired. I spotted a recent thread, one that’s apparently been hashed out before, about a guy who calls Asheville restaurants and coffee shops with an unusual request: he offers to deposit $600 into the bank account of choice for the panties of beautiful women.

“Underwear Guy” has apparently been offer bucks for bloomers for awhile now. Commenters report that Applebee’s Jerusalem Garden, Green Sage and workers at other restaurants and coffee shops have fielded calls. Here’s a sampling of comments:

-What he tells you is he’s a wealthy businessman who collects beautiful women’s panties. If you would be so kind to mail him a pair of your panties he will deposit $600 into a bank account of your choice

-So he’s like the Nigerian Prince, but with panties

-He’s called Jerusalem Garden multiple times. He asks who he’s speaking with then says you’re exactly who he was hoping to -reach. Told me he’s from Raleigh. I think we wrote his number down somewhere

-We have gotten calls at applebees on smokeypark as well. People are fucking disturbing

Image link for panties on a plate.