Online petition: Support truck route alternative for New Belgium deliveries


Riverside Drive and the so-called Festus Bridge

An online petition is making the rounds, making a short and clear request: Explore Riverside as the best option for New Belgium deliveries.

From the petition:

We urge the City of Asheville and New Belgium Brewing to commit to the development of Riverside Drive north of Craven Street as a truck accessible route, with a timetable and plan for funding, recognizing that this is the best option for the surrounding neighborhoods and New Belgium.

“Petition background,” also from the petition link:

We the undersigned residents of neighborhoods in West Asheville support the development of the New Belgium Brewery and are enthusiastic about our potential partnership.

Our primary concern is the impact of the projected four to six tractor trailers per hour, 24 hours a day, and 7 days per week on our quality of life.

We oppose the use of Haywood Road and Hanover Street as the primary truck route for New Belgium Brewing due to the safety risks, noise pollution, and negative consequences to the development and usability of a residential and thriving commercial artery.

The link states that it was created by West Asheville resident Rich Lee and the East West Asheville Neighborhood Association on January 6, and that the target of the petition is Asheville City Council. I was signee #134.

Sign or share the petition here: Support a truck route alternative for New Belgium Brewing Petition | GoPetition


Just Say'in January 10, 2013 - 2:52 pm

I believe that New Belgium to be an enlighten company, and exactly the type of business Asheville wants to attract. If it is feasible they will use this route, if not, they won’t. Come on Asheville do we need to petition everything! Stop being obstructionists; this is an amazing company and opportunity. Sure they are going to put up with all of the complaints and suggestions from lay people, but what about the next progressive company? Patagonia East? If we make it such a pain in the butt for these companies to move here, they won’t. I move to petition the petition and bring this back to a constructive conversation.

Just Thinkin' January 10, 2013 - 5:26 pm

Dear Just Say’in,
You obviously haven’t informed yourself of why this petition is so exciting for New Belgium and the City of Asheville and all the neighbors of this endeavor. Are you having a “constructive conversation” without knowing what you are talking about? Seems so. Oh well, let’s all have another beer and just stop thinking.

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