Asheville computer shop One Click Fix offers personal touch


Greg Mayer, one of Asheville’s best known computer repair experts, has opened a new computer shop. One Click Fix, located at 438 Montford Ave., handles everything from those fix-it jobs to maintenance, training and business support.

Asheville native Mayer, who has worked in computer retail shops around Western North Carolina, founded Charlotte Street Computers in 2002. He grew the business with his then-partner, Jen Mayer, but the two went their separate ways (they’re on good terms), with Mayer itching to get back to his beloved avocation.

Opening One Click Fix in January, Mayer and a couple of colleagues stand ready to attack any job, from fixing a broken laptop to helping a small business set up a point-of-sale system.

“I was a good Boy Scout,” Mayer says. “I love helping people. I can simplify computer nonsense for people, and they’re really grateful and I feel good about helping them.”

“I try to speed things up and simplify things for folks,” he adds.

Mayer touts his ability to respond to anyone in crisis, especially small businesses in need of networking or POS troubleshooting. “I’m the guy that can come running if they suddenly can’t take credit cards,” he says.

One Click Fix offers discounts to nonprofits, Mayer adds, and says he’s happy to help customers with any questions.

Mayer’s location in Montford is just minutes away from downtown in a secure location for anyone looking to drop off a computer for repair or have it sent away for a serious overhaul. He also sells a few retail items out of the location.

One Click Fix on Facebook.

438 Montford Ave
Asheville, NC
(828) 318-8558
Open 24 Hours

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