New mixed-use project, the Bier Haus, planned for downtown Asheville


The Bier Haus is the name of a new project planned for downtown Asheville.

A company called Canesian Theory Holdings LLC is proposing to renovate the building at 34 S. Lexington Ave. (that’s adjacent to the Button & Co. Bagels shop) to create a mixed-use project with a roof deck and rooftop pool. The project calls for adding a new level atop the existing two-story building.

One of the registered agents for the company planning the project is Cameron Cane, president and CEO of the Charlotte-based company Deutsche Beverage Technology, a custom-design brewery equipment manufacturer and supplier based in Charlotte.

Speaking of beer: Forestry Camp, the second Asheville location for Burial Beer, is open.

The next Asheville brewery in line to open is DSSLVR on North Lexington Avenue. Stay tuned.