New Asheville Kickstarter seeks $25,000 to construct slick dolly for DSLR, iPhone cameras


ZipShooter appears to be a new Asheville company that aims to manufacture a new portable camera dolly. You can pre-order for a retail price is $375, with the product coming online in September. The company’s Kickstarter campaign seeks $25,000 for a variety of development work.

From ZipShooter’s Kickstarter:

Our funding goal of $25,000 is calculated to be just enough to cover the cost of materials, CNC machining, anodizing, assembly and packaging for the first production run. Our special edition units will be manufactured first and will ship out in August. The standard edition ZipShooter™ will begin shipping a couple weeks later. Each and every ZipShooter™ will be manufactured and hand assembled right here in Western North Carolina for the utmost in precision and quality. The final shipping product may differ slightly from the prototype photos and video here as improvements are always in the works. The ZipShooter™ will be delivered assembled and ready to use.

More about the dolly itself:

The ZipShooter™ takes the concept of a portable camera dolly and launches it into a whole new dimension!  It is the only device available that combines straight tracking and radial tracking movements, elevated and ultra-low undersling shooting, tabletop and shoulder-mount configurations, all in a unit that can support up to 20 lbs and still immediately break down into any gear bag.  It is the ultimate shooter’s tool at a price that is affordable for both the professional or the enthusiast.

The product looks pretty darn cool. Check it out.


ashevillain June 17, 2012 - 8:23 am

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Thos June 18, 2012 - 1:10 pm

Really? That’s great! You should describe your business and make a kickstarter account.

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