N.C. Entrepreneurship Summit in Asheville September 24-25


As Ashvegas reported back in February, the N.C. Entrepreneurship Summit is happening here in Asheville this year. Presenters include Austin’s Bijoy Goswami, founder of the Bootstrap Network, and Kara Errickson, co-owner of SkinFood Topical Nourishment and winner of a $10K local business plan contest.

The two-day conference takes place Sept. 24-25 and includes networking, a panel discussion, a showcase of the regional beer scene, learning sessions and an optional tour of the new Mojo Coworking facility downtown.

From the website:

Good Reasons to Attend the Entrepreneurship Summit:

Hear NC entrepreneurs share their experiences with reinventing traditional industries, green technology, local food, health care, money, marketing and more
Find out how communities are fostering entrepreneurship
Learn how social entrepreneurship is making a difference
Share your opinions
Celebrate and learn from successful NC entrepreneurs
Discuss how to make NC the best state for entrepreneurs

Tickets are $140-$200 and the summit will be held in the U.S. Cellular Center.

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