Music line-up for spring 2012 edition of Lake Eden Arts Festival to be announced Friday


Here’s the note from loyal reader Billy Jack:

Hey, Jason!

To quickly introduce myself, my name is Billy Jack Sinkovic, and I’m the Performing Arts Director for LEAF | Lake Eden Arts Festival. So, a quick heads-up. This Friday, We are announcing the SPRING LEAF 2012 PERFORMING ARTISTS LINEUP [which is so exciting, it gets Caps, Bold, Italics, AND Underline.]

It is our most high-profile lineup yet [and this is festival #34.] We’ve been doing a some hyping via word-of-mouth, e-newsletters, and Facebook [particularly, posting clues to artists on Facebook every other day.] I’ll be making the announcement via e-blast, website, and Facebook at 3 pm on Friday, and will send you a Press Release with the full lineup shortly before. A post on the hottest blob in Asheville would be much appreciated.

Billy Jack

ps i you want to do any pre-announcement hype, here are the artist clues that have been posted on LEAF’s facebook page thus far:

#2 – Fifty years with no MSG!!!
#3 – They’ll blow the roof off and then carry away the pieces.
#4 – The youthful son leads his father’s four score followers.

#5 – The hallowed halls of the empress’ tomb are hued in blue.

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BL February 2, 2012 - 5:12 pm

sounds like femi’s in there somewhere. nice.

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