Moogfest announces 2017 lineup and program highlights


By Caleb Calhoun

Big announcements today from Moogfest 2017 including both their music lineup for the festival as well as a list of featured programs they will be offering to their patrons.

The lineup, featuring Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, Gotye, and many more, once again demonstrates their commitment to innovation and experimentation. Moogfest will once again feature multi-artist collaborations as well, one of the highlights for any festival goer. It was also announced that Gotye will perform a tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey and that Peanut Butter Wolf will play a free DJ set honoring Bernie Worrell and Keith Emerson among others.

In addition to the FutureSound (performance) side of Moogfest they will again feature a FutureThought (conference) side during which many of the artists will lead sessions and workshops during the daytime conference program.

For full details check out the press release.

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chris March 13, 2017 - 5:01 pm

With that lineup, they can stay in Durham.

Sean March 12, 2017 - 3:04 pm

In Durham, fwiw…

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