Moog Music set to unveil new analog synthesizer, the Sub Phatty

Share has a nice description of Moog Music Inc.’s pedigree and the high expectations for this new synthesizer, the Sub Phatty:

Expectations have been raised and the rumor mill set in motion by the appearance of some prototype photos. These show unhoused printed circuit boards (PCBs) with the typical Moog dials mounted on top, plus a 25 note keyboard and some modulation wheels, all of which is fitted on a makeshift wooden placeholder setup. A closer shot of the PCB (below) shows the alleged – and somewhat maligned – new name “Sub Phatty” printed on it. Let’s face it, the name doesn’t quite evoke such grand, frequency-soaring, arpeggiator-mangling mental images as their much lauded “Voyager” synth has been known to. But when one considers the tonal range this synth will likely represent, that is, deep basses, dirty monophonic sounds and tough leads, the name might well become loved – in time.

Here’s a description from Moog Music to go with the video posted:

Professor Herb Deutsch, synth pioneer and collaborator of Bob Moog, visited the Moog Machine Shop during Moogfest 2012. While here, Professor Deutsch explored Moog’s next generation analog synthesizer, while still in its research & design phase. In the past, Bob Moog always tested his ideas, instruments and sounds with musicians and colleagues. This spirit of collaboration continues at the Moog factory to this day and is essential to our work. It is a key part of the product development process, as it furthers our ideas and helps us shape better tools for musicians.

Making its official debut at NAMM 2013, the first 24 of these new instruments are being handcrafted at the Moog Factory this week. Until you get a chance to see it in its final form at NAMM 2013, please enjoy this video. Love, your friends at Moog.


Features of the Sub Phatty are expected to include:

Two stable oscillators
A suboscillator
Noise generator
Twin ADSRs envelope generators
Multidrive circuit
Traditional Moog VCF
25-note keyboard
Pitch bend & mod wheels