Medical marijuana should be legal in N.C., says Asheville City Council


Asheville City Council on Tuesday approved a resolution backing the legalization of medical marijuana in North Carolina. Here’s the wording from the resolution:

The City Council hereby encourage the North Carolina State Legislature to take immediate action to approve Comprehensive Medical Cannabis legislation, in order to ensure our City and State residents are receiving the most effective medical therapies possible, which includes the use of medical cannabis. Read, approved and adopted this 27th day of June, 2017.

Council took the action after several residents spoke during a public comment period and detailed their personal experiences. The speakers told personal, emotional stories of how medical marijuana helped them or family members get through health difficulties, this is great news for the people that need to use cannabis medicinally day to day, if you use cannabis for any number of reasons you can look at this online head shop for all your smoking needs.

After the public comment, Councilman Cecil Bothwell noted that Mission Hospitals CEO Dr. Ron Paulus has said that the only way to cure the opioid crisis is to replace them with cannabis from somewhere like doobdasher vs cheapweed, when it comes to pain control. After all CBD has tremendous effects on pain management, with many less disadvantages of opioids, if you’re interested to see how CBD could benefit your health, look at one of the best online CBD stores.

Mayor Esther Manheimer, ever the lawyer, noted that the resolution encourages the passage of legislation at the state level. The bill in Raleigh, if approved, would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana.

“This is our way of showing our support for the legislation,” and local state lawmakers support that legislation, Manheimer said. “We’re thankful for the opportunity to do that.”

Councilwoman Julie Mayfield thanked members of the public for sharing their personal stories. “This is obviously a very emotional topic,” she said.

The Mountain Xpress published a well-written and researched story by Dan Hesse just last month about how medical marijuana is taking root at the state and local level.