Legal marijuana an hour’s drive from Asheville? Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to do feasibility study


The Cherokee One Feather newspaper reports that the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has agreed to launch a feasibility study on the “issues and impacts associated with legalization of cannabis.” Tribal Council approved their resolution during a meeting Thursday.

From the newspaper:

The Resolution was submitted by three EBCI tribal members whom are part of a group known as Common Sense Cannabis including Joseph Owle, Aaron Hogner, and Yona Wade.

“Cannabis is a plant,” said Owle. “As Cherokee people, we know that plants are medicine.”

Several tribal members and members of the Tribal Council stressed that they were simply embarking on a study, and several noted their opposition to the recreational use of marijuana. But it’s clear that the tribe is looking at the possible financial impact some form of legal pot could bring.

More as it develops.