Last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas from Organic Armor in Asheville


Check out a few of the ideas from the creative folks at Organic Armor, the makers of . They’ve got ideas for Star Wars, burlesque, and steampunk costumes.

From the Organic Armor website on DIY Halloween costumes:

Two years ago I gathered a wide variety of tutorials together for a month of blog posts about DIY Halloween costumes, from burlesque to zombies, Star Wars to steampunk.  I recently realized that they are not so easy to search on the site so I’ve gathered all the links together in this post.

What is Organic Armor, you ask? From their FAQ:

What is Organic Armor made of?
Organic Armor is hand made, primarily of natural latex, a sap-like liquid from the rubber tree (AKA Hevea Brasiliensis).
The pieces are constructed one at a time from a variety of textiles, including denim fabric (sometimes old blue jeans), woven straw, felt, foam, clothesline and even dryer lint. For special elements we sculpt the piece in clay first and then make a mold and cast them. Layers of latex and other coatings bond everyting and create the integrated, antique-looking surface. Lastly it’s painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with an acrylic coating that has UV protection in it. The secret ingredient is love.


Orbit DVD October 31, 2012 - 8:52 am

Thanks! I was wondering what my costume was going to be.

Jennifer Saylor October 31, 2012 - 7:04 pm

We’re here to help.

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