Jim James (My Morning Jacket) remixes Floating Action’s “The Balance”


Check out the first remix from the new collaboration between Floating Action, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), James’ Removador Records and Asheville’s own Harvest Recordings.

The rock icon offers high praise for the Black Mountain band, calling Floating Action’s most recent record, Desert Etiquette, an “unknown masterwork of our times.”

Look for a run on the record soon. Ashvegas has the backstory on this collaboration here.

this is a song from the floating action album “desert etiquette,” a relatively unknown masterwork of our times. the whole record kills, but this song especially cuts deep for me. i wanted to build on the beautifully haunted feeling the original version gave me, but take it and rework it so it feels perhaps that the listener is suspended deep in a sensory deprivation tank -filled with nutella instead of water, shortly after being put in a trance: being lead to believe you are dancing in crotchless lederhosen across the sunny side of the swiss alps…knowing and believing fully with every ounce of your heart and soul that all of the universe, and all of it’s creatures great and small, is/are/was/were always on your side.

Listen to Desert Etiquette below. Nutella and lederhosen not included.

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