Ivory Road Cafe & Kitchen opens on Brevard Road in south Asheville


Ivory Road Cafe & Kitchen is set to open at 1854 Brevard Road in south Asheville. The location is near the intersection of Brevard Road and Long Shoals Road. The cafe offers a breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a selection of cakes and cupcakes.

Here’s more about the owner, from the Ivory Road website:

I’m Jill, the owner, and I grew up on the “real” Ivory Road, which gently winds through a small town in Maryland. Since then, I have traveled the world in pursuit of the exotic, the simple, and everything in-between.

I’ll never forget the first time I traveled abroad by myself. I was just weeks out of culinary school and found myself working as a pastry cook in a super fancy fine-dining restaurant in downtown Melbourne, Australia. The sous chef, in a particularly stressful minute of dinner service, barked at me to go fetch him a “capsicum” from the refrigerator. I instinctively turned and ran to the refrigerator, having not even the slightest clue what a capsicum was. There I stood, scanning the produce, pleading with myself that it would suddenly dawn on me. Had I studied this in Product Knowledge class? Did I write a paper on it at some point? I had not. And I did not.

This was the first realization for me that food is a life-long learning journey. In this particular instance it was in the literal sense, and later it would be in a more philosophical sense, but nonetheless it has been a never-ending learning experience for me.

From the original Ivory Road, all the way around the globe, and here to my new home in Asheville, I aim to bring everything I’ve learned about food to the table.

Ivory Road on Facebook.