Updated w/ photos: Mayor’s West Asheville home condemned after downed tree crushes it


Thursday’s intense rainstorm brought down a large oak onto the West Asheville home of Mayor Terry Bellamy and her family.

WLOS has the story.

A large tree fell on the house of Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy Thursday afternoon.  She was not at home and her family is safe.  The tree came crashing down during a powerful rain storm.  The house has been condemned. The mayor says it could take three months before insurance adjusters determine if the home can be repaired, or if they’ll need to rebuild.

Jason’s update: Here are a few quick photos from Friday morning showing storm damage in the neighborhood. I live in the same neighborhood as Bellamy, just a few streets over.

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Jen Bowen / fotojennic June 22, 2012 - 2:35 pm

Condolences to the Mayor & her family. Glad everyone is safe.

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