Feral Chihuahuas team up with LaZoom for 4-show Asheville comedy tour


Asheville’s comedy team the Feral Chihuahuas are doing a new four-show run on the LaZoom bus starting next weekend. Here’s the note from loyal reader Wyman:

It’s a murder mystery where our detective characters search for the killer of Asheville’s Downtown bars including Arcade, Hannah Flanagan’s, CinJades, and some bars we have created. It’s action-packed, and features an interrogation scene involving torture by beer and wieners. Everyone on the bus becomes a suspect.


Sunday, Jan. 26 – 1:30pm & 4:00pm show
Sunday, Feb. 9 – 1:30pm & 4:00pm show

$23 per ticket
One free Asheville Brewing Co. beer provided after people load onto the bus.

Purchase tickets online here.


Ride the Lazoom Tour Bus with Detective Lazer McSteel and the Feralton Police Force as they unravel the mystery of Asheville’s high murder rate of bars. Who is the villain behind the demise of Arcade Asheville, Hannah Flanagans, CinJades, Magnolia’s, and some ridiculous bars we created?

This is a Feral Chihuahuas show, so of course it is for ages 18+ only. Our shows will ruin the future of children who watch them, but are perfect for adults whose future is already hopeless.


Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company in Downtown Asheville at 77 Coxe Avenue. PARKING is available on the street, plus a parking lot directly across the street and one just below the building.

Before or after the show, GRAB LUNCH, DINNER, and/or BEERS (they also sell 6 packs to bring on bus). They have an awesome menu with a lot more than pizza. Lazer McSteel loves their veggie Spinach Burger.


The bus loads 15 minutes prior to each show’s starting time. These shows start promptly. Don’t be late or we will sadly have to leave you but happily still keep your money.


After loading onto the Lazoom bus, you can select 1 free Asheville Brewing Company beer for the ride (assorted choices). Plus, you can BRING YOUR OWN BEER & WINE on the bus just like the normal Lazoom tours allow. Of course, 21+ only are allowed to drink. We will check IDs kids.



Marty Broadway January 21, 2014 - 3:30 pm

Got my tickets. Heard they were about to sell out.

The Feral Chihuahuas January 21, 2014 - 11:18 am

CONTENT WARNING – This show is action-packed and features a graphic torture scene using low quality beer and wieners. Content not suitable for children. Viewers be advised.

Thanks Ashvegas! You guys rock. Also, love Edwin’s movie reviews. Always spot on.

Adam Meier January 21, 2014 - 10:45 am

Can’t wait! This one is going to be laugh-tastic!

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