Feedbands finds success in Asheville w/ indie music streaming, vinyl subscription service


Graham Langdon is all about supporting musicians, and he does it through a clever mix of savvy business sense and social entrepreneurism that includes a music streaming service featuring only independent bands, a vinyl record subscription service and a farm just outside Asheville.

Langdon is the founder of FeedBands.com. The site (and app) allows users to stream the music of indie bands. It encourages those listeners to interact by asking them to vote on their favorite unsigned band every month. The winning band each month is awarded $1,000 and 100 vinyl records.

The effort is supported by a subscription service, with vinyl record fans signing up to pay about $25 a month.

If that’s not enough, Langdon further supports bands/musicians by offering them a place to stay on the FeedBands 4-acre farm in Fairview. Langdon grows vegetables on the farm (which the visiting musicians can sample). And the farm serves as the site of occasional concerts featuring FeedBands artists.

Langdon appears to be a serial entrepreneur, and I had a great time interviewing him for my AVL Informer podcast on Thursday night at The Brew Pump. Listen to learn more about FeedBands.com.

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