Farm Burger prepares to open in downtown Asheville


The new Farm Burger restaurant on Patton Avenue in downtown Asheville is preparing to open. The restaurant has already been serving folks at a series of soft opening events.

More about the restaurant from an earlier Ashvegas post by contributor Jen Saylor:

Co-owner George Frangos and partners Jason Mann and Sean Gray plan a casual downtown eatery, one that Gray’s wife thinks will have character unique to Asheville. Each of the three other Farm Burger locations works with a different local farmer (Asheville’s is in talks with Hickory Nut Gap Meats), and Mee Gray said she looks forward to how the downtown Farm Burger’s “personality” will develop as owners choose local beers, local beef, local products, and local touches on the menu.

The connection with Hickory Nut Gap might run deep, and Frangos is talking to Hickory Nut Gap’s Jamie Ager to raise cattle just for the restaurant.

Frangos said the menu will share a core group of offerings with other locations, but will evolve to reflect Asheville’s tastes. Eight to ten local beers are soon to be selected in a tasting.

Farm Burger’s home in the oddball former Studio Five Imports space on Patton near Salsa’shas been heavily renovated to include exposed brick interiors, an enclosed patio (with big open windows, LAB-style)–and an all-weather indoor bocce court.

Historic touches, including the stained-glass “Leader Building” sign, will stay, Frangos said.


Big Al April 26, 2013 - 10:54 pm

Nobody took me up on a food review, so here is mine:

I have been twice, once each for lunch and dinner. Both times the food was great and the service prompt.

The view of the street parade is nice, as is that of the Bocce (ahem, LAWN BOWLING) court, although I have been disaapointed in how few people want to play.

The loud music is a little much, how about something calmer than Euro-Techno-Thump?

Big Al April 14, 2013 - 10:43 pm

I just visited FB for my first time on April 13, mainly to see what the indoor Bocce court looks like. Neat, EXCEPT…Bocce, a sport common in Italy and southern France, is normally played on a much larger court of loose gravel or thick grass that allows you to THROW the balls in a high arc, something that I doubt would be welcomed by the proprietors of FB on such a thin layer of astroturf. With a court that small, the balls can (and should) be ROLLED, not thrown, which means that you are actually playing Lawn Bowling (a British game) with Bocce balls. I would suggest FB invest in a Lawn Bowling set, with the balls weighted on one side and rolled in arcs. But either way, the court is a great idea.

I did not eat there yet, can anyone give me a review of da beef?

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