An interview with Asheville Chef Katie Button

Share just published an interview with Asheville Chef Katie Button, an owner of the popular Curate restaurant and the new Nightbell bar. Click over to read the whole thing. Here are a couple of tidbits:

On Nightbell:

People really enjoy it. So far, we’ve been open a week and the comments about the food, they seem to be kind of blown away, which is awesome because that’s what we were going for. And it feels a little bit more me. Everything that we’re doing here at Nightbell gave me the opportunity to try something new and create my own concept and menu from the very beginning. Cúrate is Spanish tapas and the reason we went with that [was] not only because it was something that wasn’t [in Asheville, but also] because it was something I was familiar with. I’d worked with José Andrés, I’d worked in Spain. But while [Nightbell] is working off of the culmination of my past experiences, I’ve been able to create and have fun with things that are definitely mine and something new.

On her new deal to write a Curate cookbook:

Well, it has to be done in October 2015, so I have some time. But they want 125 recipes and a ton of photos. The idea is that it’s going to be for home cooks and be approachable, seasonal, and product-focused. It’ll have some traditional Spanish products, really high-quality things that we use at Cúrate, but then also local, sustainable products. The reason I think that Cúrate’s been successful is because we do focus so much on the product. And it’s the same thing here at Nightbell. We focus a lot on what the product is, where it comes from, and then we prepare it pretty simply. But it ends up seeming impressive just by the quality and the care that is taken in procuring it.