East Fork Pottery launches pandemic pottery raffle series to aid hardest hit


Photo courtesy of East Fork Pottery in Asheville.

East Fork Pottery in Asheville is holding a series of raffles to help raise money for those in need during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The first raffle will benefit the Haywood Street Congregation church and its Asheville urban ministry. The fundraising goal: $20,000. (Details here.)

Tickets cost $5 apiece; five winners will drawn Thursday. The winners will receive a pot thrown by East Fork co-founder Alex Matisse. East Fork, in a post on its website, says it hopes its raffle series will raise $100,000 that will be put back into the community to help those in who need support.

“This pandemic points straight at and amplifies inequities in our communities. When we’re all able to gather again, we’re going to have to get our hands dirty reimagining and rebuilding a kinder society,” East Fork writes.

“But while many of us are stuck on our couches with enough to eat, the easiest, most impactful, most immediate way to help is by sharing wealth. Any amount at all. All of us. East Fork can’t cut $100,000 check alone (profitability was a now-forgotten goal for 2020) but we can help habitualize the practice of sharing what we have with our neighbors in need.”

One of the signature programs of the Haywood Street Congregation is its Downtown Welcome Table, which invites Asheville chefs in to cook a meal for up to 500 people.

“Your donations will help Haywood Street Congregation continue to safely bring meals to our community need,” East Fork writes on its website. “It costs $5,000 a week for them to keep their community fed. Let’s help cover these costs for 4 weeks.”