Check out Asheville band’s space-rock soundtrack to Night of the Living Dead


Remember our post back in August? From their bachelor pad somewhere in outer space, Asheville space-rock band Silver Machine beams back an original soundtrack to the George Romero zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead.

Now you can enjoy a copy of your own (it’s available as a digital download for $10 here), or check out a special free Halloween advance showing of Night of the Living Dead with Silver Machine’s new soundtrack at the Wedge at 7 p.m. Oct. 25.

The official premiere of the soundtrack, along with a showing of Night of the Living Dead, is set for Nov. 15 at the Fine Arts Theatre downtown.

According to the band, their DVD and digital download offer includes:

-The highest picture quality EVER released on DVD
-An all new soundtrack composed and performed by SILVER MACHINE
-DVD edition includes original soundtrack on a second audio channel.
-Digital Album includes a download of the entire film!
-Stream the entire album for FREE, 24/7!

Listen to their original soundtrack for free here:

This album is an anthology of music written for George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead by Asheville space-rock band, Silver Machine. Rather than presenting you with a mere collection of songs used in the film score, these tracks have been custom-mixed for a unique listening experience. Much of the material on this album expands on themes that were vaguely touched upon in the film, and likewise, the film contains additional material that was not used on the album. It is our pleasure to present these both to you, in one easy download.

According to a UNC-A Blue Banner article interviewing band member Chris Tanfield, the band has plans beyond the CD:

The band is not only using this as a creative outlet and a love letter to a favorite movie, but also as a unique business strategy.

“We see this as just the beginning of our soundtrack career, because it’s kind of a self-produced calling card for us to pass around and get publicity for the band. We’ve got a couple ideas for future projects, like the original Nosferatu, for example, which would be perfect for us, because it is silent, so we’ll see what we decide on.”

The band will show the film with their accompanying soundtrack at Asheville’s Wedge Brewery on Oct. 25. In the future, they hope to tour and play the songs live alongside the film.

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