Chappelle’s gone ment. At least that’s what Entertainment Weekly is reporting. Why should we care? Because Dave’s one funny futhermucker.

Chappelle tells it like it is. The blind Ku Klux Klan dude skit is some of the funniest shit I think I’ve ever seen. But $50 million will fuck a brutha up.

Here’s what happened, if you’ve been living under a rock – the first couple of years on Comedy Central, Dave developed a cult following. He released a DVD that blew up, then he landed a $50 million deal with Comedy Central for lots more funny shit.

In the past couple of weeks, he was supposed to start taping his third season. But Chappelle went AWOL. Was he strung out on crack? Had the pressure to be great gotten to him?

Here’s what happened – the dude had a freakin’ nervous breakdown, people. That’s all there is to it. If someone right now gave me $50 million to keep this awesome blog going, I couldn’t do it. I’d party my ass off. The crunk juice would be flowing. And I’d be all worried about how I could stay just as interesting and insightful and mesmerizing as I am right now.

Anyway, I was worried about the guy. At least he’s getting some help.

So let’s just give the funnyman a little breathing room. But if you need to know more, check the link to this story in USA Today.