New downtown Asheville bar and lounge, an offshoot of Chai Pani, now hiring


Framing the bar at MG Road — image from the Chai Pani Facebook page.

MG Road is opening soon at 19 Wall Street in the former Beads & Beyond location. The new India-inspired downtown bar & lounge is downstairs from Chai Pani (facing the opposite way, on a different street) and owned by the same people, Meherwan Irani and wife Molly.

From a new post on Craiglist: New Bar & Lounge Looking for Bartenders

Chai Pani is bringing some mindblasting to the bar & lounge business. MG Road, our new venture, is close to opening and we’re looking for experienced bartenders.

Craigslist link here.

From a July Mountain Xpress article on MG Road:

The menu will consist of six to eight frequently changing items and will be hand-written on a chalkboard — because who wants to fuss with menus at a bar? Those of us balancing purses on our knees don’t, I can verify that. …

Irani says there are plenty of brewpubs and “hipster dive bars” in Asheville, but MG Road should fill a niche that few other local bars do. “As far as lounges go, there’s only a couple and they’re always packed and always have a line out the door,” he says. “We’re basically going after that vibe. At the same time, we want to capture the energy and fun of Chai Pani and bring it [downstairs].”

And the name? From Xpress:

 “The main street and heartbeat of every city in India is MG Road,” says the Indian-born chef.