Castell Gallery in downtown Asheville closing; final exhibition to close June 20


Sad to hear this from Brie; press release:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the gallery’s closing. Gallery owner Brie Castell will be relocating out of the US, and as a result, the gallery will be closing it’s doors. The final exhibition will close on June 20th, 2015.

The journey that Castell Photography Gallery has taken is something that we are immensely proud of, and it has been a constant source of excitement and inspiration.

After six years of pouring our hearts into this place, we are saddened to see its doors close, and are incredibly grateful for every artist, collaborator, client, and friend who has been a part of it. It has been a wonderful 6 years!

We will be having a closing reception for our current exhibition, as well as a final farewell party on FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH from 6-8 PM. We hope that those of your who are close enough will join us to celebrate the beautiful work on our walls, and 6 years of business, creative collaborations, and our gifted artists who have graced us with their talents over the years.

Our very best,

Brie Castell, Gallery Owner and Chief Curator
Heidi Gruner, Gallery Director and Co-Curator