Burners & BBQ event returns to Asheville, with mural artists and music



The second annual Burners & BBQ music and street art festival returns to Asheville this weekend. Artists will be painting up the side of the newly remodeled Sky Lanes bowling alley on Patton Avenue in West Asheville. Passersby will see that a Big Lebowski mural is already coming together. Last year, the group painted the big mural wall next to The Odditorium on Haywood Road.

There’s also a great line-up of music and more. Check out the flyer above for deets.


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ashevillain June 8, 2015 - 10:48 am

The paintings of The Dude on one side and the bowling pins on the other side looks great. The rest…not so much. I’m struggling to make sense of it.

How does all of the stylized lettering in between relate to The Big Lebowski?

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