Buchi Kombucha announces new flavor


An announcement from Buchi Kombucha, the Asheville company making the fizzy, fermented tea drink. (Readers might remember a few years back when indie band Vampire Weekend fell in love with Buchi Kombucha while in Asheville.)

Check out the company’s new flavor, Buchi Water (coconut water, blueberry and watermelon), at LAAFF this weekend and in bottles/on draft over the next few weeks:


In Appalachia’s wettest year since the last great deluge* the water elemental has whispered her secrets in our ears and our newest flavor floweth forth!

Cool and effortless, Buchi Water is the penultimate flavor in our elemental series. We blend our kombucha with coconut water, blueberry, watermelon and two powerful medicinals–bridging Eastern and Western folk traditions. Schizandra Berry is a Chinese adaptogen once available only to emperors. Elderberry is the “Elder of the Herbs” treasured by Native American and European cultures. The element of Water is the deep, universal essence of life, the endless flowing stream of experiences, and the sweet release of letting go…

Water will be available in bottles and on draft in the next couple weeks, but if you’re a local there are a few chances to taste it before then! We’ll debut Water this weekend:In Asheville at the Lexington Ave Arts and Fun Festival (LAAFF)
In Boone at the High Country Beer Fest
In Brevard at the Grand Opening of Food Matters Market

And starting on Monday it will be available for sale on draft exclusively at Rosetta’s Kitchen!


*This sentence is totally apocryphal.

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Ugh. Buchi sucks.

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