Blake Butler and Local Edge Radio to sign off


From a press release. Local Edge Radio aired Wednesdays from 3-6 on 880 The Revolution. The co-founder of the show, Lesley Groetsch, resigned previously.

Local Edge Radio to Sign Off at End of 2012

After nearly four years as Asheville’s only local progressive talk show, Local Edge Edge Radio on 880 the Revolution will be signing off at the end of 2012.

Host Blake Butler made the announcement today on the show. Said Butler, “This has been incredible experience but it’s time to me to move on to other opportunities. I will always be available as a
contributor to whoever carries the torch of local progressive talk.”

Butler continued, “Considering I had no radio experience when Lesley Groetsch and I started the show,
I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by talented local people who have educated me along the way.”

Recently he has filled in for national radio host Norman Goldman and is looking forward to doing more
national talk radio in the future.

Programming Director Brian Hall said, “880 the Revolution is committed to progressive talk and we will
be looking for new programming opportunities to fill the 3-6pm time slot in 2013.”

Butler says he’s planning to have some fun on Local Edge Radio as he winds down the show. Expect the
usual mix of politics, live music, and small business features, but also a focus on the history of Asheville.

“I just want to thank the community and all the listeners for their support. I’ll definitely miss the daily
conversation, but you can be assured this voice will not be going anywhere,” Butler said.

Blake Butler can be reached for further comment by email at

Local Edge radio web page

Ashvegas wishes Blake well in his next endeavor.

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Richard Cary November 28, 2012 - 10:07 am

You will be sorely missed…… :>(

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