Black Mountain kitchen store celebrates 10th anniversary with events, raffles, more


The Common Housefly, a locally owned and independent kitchen store in Black Mountain, will celebrate its 10th anniversary during the month of April with events, sales, raffles and more. Watch the Common Housefly for details.


Mike and Marsha Liss bought the shop in November 2014 from former owner Kerryn Davis. (More Common Housefly background here.) Here’s more about the store from their website:

It was 10 years ago, in March of 2006, that Kerryn Davis opened a little kitchen store with a funny name in the small town of Black Mountain, NC. It was a bold move by a strong lady. The first year she kept afloat by selling the wonderful antiques she used as merchandise displays. But slowly, year after year, the inventory grew, along with a loyal clientele, and the store evolved into the Toy Store For Foodies that we know today.

This is a collective celebration which includes not only those of us who work at the store, but all of our valued customers as well. To all of you who choose to shop at a local independently run store rather than a big box store, who come back regularly – even if it is only once a year, and who we get to know on a first name basis, this is a celebration for you as well. We are humbled and grateful everyday for your support.

Even though the store changed ownership in 2014, we have tried very hard to keep going what was already there, while at the same time putting some of our personal stamp on the store. But one thing that will never change is our passion for, and attentiveness, to our customer’s experience: