Ashvegas Hot Sheet: BJ Leiderman birthday bash set for Feb. 27 in Black Mountain


More of what’s going around:

-The Alabama Shakes show set for April 26 at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville has been moved next door to the U.S. Cellular Center arena (the Arena.) The Alabama Shakes won three Grammy Awards on Monday night at the Grammy Awards for best alternative music album for Sound & Color, as well as rock song and rock performance for Don’t Wanna Fight.

-David McCartney, general manager of the Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville, has been appointed to the Asheville Downtown Association.

-The Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau is hiring a content producer/writer for its website.

-The BJ Leiderman Birthday Bash with Barbie Angell, Rhoda Weaver, Bob Hinkle, Jeff Thompson, Zuzu Welsh Band and Mr. Leiderman himself will be held at 9 p.m.on Feb. 27 at White Horse Black Mountain. Leiderman is known for his frequent on-air credit for the many NPR themes he’s written. “The call of music was so strong that Leiderman abandoned broadcast journalism for a life of performing, composing and recording. He’s currently working on his first album of original music, Natural Public Leiderman, according to a press release. Tickets are $15 advance/$18 door. Tickets here.

-The UNC Asheville Board of Trustees will meet on Feb. 19.

Asheville Vaudeville is holding two shows on Feb. 27 at Toy Boat Community Artspace in Biltmore Village. More:

Our Master of Ceremonies is Keith Shubert of ToyBox Theatre, a puppeteer whose creativity knows no bounds! We are also pleased to welcome back the vaudevillian comedy of Millie Van Illa, some clowning by Dan Sinkfowl, hula hoop flow arts by April Shapril, the stand up comedy of Corr de Joch, and expressive physical theater by UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb. We welcome some new performers to the Asheville Vaudeville stage, as well: juggling by Luke the Great, physical comedy and acrobatics by Pocket Fluff Productions, dance by The Katherine Slowburn Experience and mind blowing burlesque by Lune Noirr!

Asheville Vaudeville has proudly featured the various skills, talents, and unique art of our local performers for many years. Every act is guaranteed to never have been performed at Asheville Vaudeville, so you’ll always see something new!

As usual, this show is intended for grownup children, 18+
Tickets are available at the door. 7:30pm – 15$, 10:00pm – 12$

-Artists Kehren Barbour and Michael Luchtan will hold a show of their Post Piano Project work on March 4 at London Design Studios, 8 London Road near Biltmore Village. The work will include collages and ready-made post-piano art pieces on display, as well as a Windrose instrument for people to play. Save the date.

-Stephen Nadeau, who has rebounded after suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2005, has opened a new video and photo production company in town. It’s called Brother Blue Studio. More:

Companies and people in the Asheville area and across the South are now able to have all of their professional video and photo needs created and maintained on social media by one company. The company, Brother Blue Studio, opens its doors this month.

On May 1st 2005, Stephen suffered a head injury and thankfully woke up from his coma thirteen days later. His uplifting story made the cover of the Asheville Citizen-Times, and that marked the start of his road to overcoming nearly impossible challenges and coming out a stronger person. After waking up, Stephen no longer desired to be a lawyer. He set his eyes on a craft he soon fell in love with; creating pictures. Whether they’re moving or still, he was determined to make them. It took a tremendous effort and years of persistence to overcome those troubles which directed him to be the person he is today. From that experience, he realized that nothing would ever come easy, and he had to work harder and longer to make his dream become a reality. Then, it was time to apply to colleges, and he received two full rides to well-known mechanical engineering schools. Stephen had no desire to be an engineer. He wanted to make motion pictures. After most film schools had stopped accepting applications, he applied and was accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design. Freshman year, he started working on film sets every weekend and never stopped.

He places a tremendous value on helping the community. Brother Blue Studio will assist any person, nonprofit or local company that is working to improve and enrich the Asheville community. Stephen has taken and continues to take precautionary steps to avoid certain destructive elements that hinder a production company and social media business. With Stephen’s work ethic, his evolved business structure and his personal values, he is proud to announce Brother Blue Studio’s opening.

Brother Blue Studio is a videography and photography studio that manages the motion pictures and stills they create on all of their client’s social media. The company focuses on innovation and evolving with the cutting edge of technology. They utilize their foundation in Hollywood-style filmmaking to push the creative limits and craft powerful media. Their mission is to deliver visually-stimulating work that highlights strengths and delivers a powerful message. Having the best possible service and end-product is what clients can expect when working with Brother Blue Studio, and their name will always be their quality guarantee.

Stephen’s dream company, Brother Blue Studio, is founded on four principles: to always work the hardest to create the best, to turn ideas into actions, to improve the local community and to evolve at all times.