Biltmore’s flower festival


George’s house
Me and my boo went to check out Biltmore’s flower festival. What a day! It was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time being tourists in our own Ashvegas.

I won’t bore you with too many details. Y’all are as familiar as I am with the big house and gardens. It sure is hard to beat on a glorious April afternoon.

Flowers ablaze

We saw amazing flowers and gardens. We saw tons of tourists, although their presence wasn’t overwhelming. We ate a filling lunch at the Stable Cafe and we sampled wine on the winery tour.

Japanese maple
The winery visit was a first for me. I don’t know why, but I’ve never had a high opinion of Biltmore Estate wines, despite all the awards they’ve won, etc. But after giving them another try on the tour, I may have to change my opinion. We bought four bottles, so once they’re gone, I’ll give you my final verdict. But I have to say that the ones I tasted were pretty darn good, and all for about $10 a bottle.

I found a great little hummingbird feeder, which I’ll show as soon as I start getting visits. The little guys are back, according to several people I’ve talked to. For the past couple of years, I’ve been feeding the voracious critters gallons of sugarwater. They sure are fun to watch. I’m hoping to get some good close-ups to show off here.

My boo

It was a fun, relaxing trip just down the street. Check out my photo gallery, too.