Bele Chere Bingo back for 2012


Want to play Bele Chere Bingo? It’s easy: Just print out a bingo card and check off every sight you see at Bele Chere this year. It makes sweating, drinking $5 lemonade and eating unidentifiable meat on a stick even more fun.

You can also take a picture of every bingo space you see (Jorts? Buttcrack? A sweaty baby?), upload it to Flickr, and tag it #belecherebingo.

We’ll pick the best, Bele-Chere-iest image from that pool and award a prize to our favorite.

If you download the card and play, we ask only one thing: Talk about it. Share it. Take photos with your smartphones, post to Facebook and Tweet about it using #belecherbingo.

BASIC GAME: To complete a BINGO, mark all items in a single row, column or diagonal

AWESOME GAME: Complete the ENTIRE Bingo card

Free space (in the middle) is of course a free space, so it’s like we gave you a freebie to start.

Click to enlarge

We’ve got eight cards to choose from this year (random combinations of the same spaces, just to shake things up). Pick one and make the annual madness that is Bele Chere a little more fun.

Great entries from last year here.

Jorts at Bele Chere. Mark off a space.

BIG thanks to graphic designer Michael Oliver of Olivier Media and Graphics who designed last year’s card and all eight of this year’s cards.

Bele Chere Bingo is on Facebook: Check out the Bele Chere Bingo Facebook page here, and share your best shots.