Balsam Range musician’s surgery, done to bluegrass tunes, a success


Buddy Melton of the popular Western North Carolina bluegrass band Balsam Range was injured last week after he was kicked in the face by a cow. The Balsam Range website reports Melton’s weekend surgery was a success (via Bluegrass Today):

Buddy’s surgery today (about 10 hours) was completed with great success complete. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! We love you all and could not anything without you.

Dr. Parworth, the maxillofacial surgeon just came in and gave everyone a run down of the surgery a bit ago. He says Bud is awake!!! And he asked Buddy how he was and Bud said he was good. Dr. Parworth was very happy and pleased with the procedure.

Dr. Fowler, Bud’s neurosurgeon, stopped in and also gave us great news on the operation. Everything was smooth and successful! Dr. Fowler is the one who requested bluegrass to be played in the OR during the surgery. That’s awesome.

Dr. Parworth, Dr. Fowler, and Brian RN have lifetime free passes to any show, free CDs, and whatever else they may need from BR!! Carla (Bud’s wife) came busting in with a huge smile and gave us the news and she had kept us posted throughout the weekend until we could get there.

The nurse in the OR, Brian Sadler, also happened to be a huge Balsam Range fan. He had not realized who he was helping until later in the procedure. Go figure.

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Cheryl Kotecki March 19, 2012 - 12:00 pm

Thanks for posting the good news about Buddy

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