Author Neil Gaiman’s son to marry in Asheville this fall


Author Neil Gaiman‘s ties to Asheville include his wife, musician Amanda Palmer, having the best day of her life here (she also loves North Carolina), and his occasional-yet-sincere promises via Twitter that someday he’ll sign at Malaprop’s.

This fall Gaiman gets a new connection, as his son Michael marries hometown girl Courtney Sinsky.

The couple won’t live here after their fall wedding, but since Gaiman has always wanted to sign here, and since our city made such an impression on Palmer…perhaps it’s the father of the groom who’ll make Asheville home someday. And with luck, maybe this is the year he’ll finally make it to Malaprop’s.

Great photoset of Palmer in Asheville here.

Neil Gaiman’s works here

And just for fun: Topless Amanda Palmer flashes Asheville.

These two will SERIOUSLY fit in.


Neil Gaiman to visit Malaprop's in September | Ashvegas August 14, 2012 - 10:00 am

[…] Ashvegas has had an eye out on this the past few months, noting that the award-winning writer of fiction and graphic novels was tweeting that he would one day visit. We have also noted that Gaiman’s son is going to get married in Asheville this fall. […]

Nate July 19, 2012 - 10:46 pm

Yeah, I’m sure signing for a clamoring horde of hundreds/thousands of fans is *exactly* what Neil wants to be doing during his “spare time” while in town spending time with his future in-laws and celebrating his son’s wedding!

And although he’s probably *been* to Malaprop’s, and will go there again, given the scale of event that a Gaiman signing inevitably becomes, he’ll probably never actually have such an occasion *at* Malaprop’s … they’d book it into Thomas Wolfe, at a minimum.

Jennifer Saylor July 20, 2012 - 6:56 pm

Nate, it would indeed be extra hassle added to a big weekend. But since Gaiman clearly has his heart set on supporting Malaprop’s, and since he’ll be in town in October, it seems like maybe it’s actually a convenience to extend his stay in town and end it with a signing.

Much easier said than done for someone so in-demand and pre-booked, I’m sure. And he won’t even have a new book out until next fall, I think.

Maybe a bookish miracle will occur. I just though I’d put the idea out there.

Neil, in my experience the great local sushi is at Wasabi and Heiwa (downtown), though I’m also told Ichiban (not far from the Biltmore) is good.

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