Ashvegas Virus Hot Sheet: Buncombe County ‘stay home, stay safe’ order extended indefinitely


More of what’s going around:

-Buncombe County officials extended its “stay home, stay safe” order, which was set to expire on April 9, to a date uncertain. The open-ended order “encourages all residents to continue practicing personal distancing, reduce nonessential travel outside the home, and eliminate gathering in groups of any size,” according to a press release. It also explains “essential vs. nonessential business, the use of personal protective equipment, and travel inside and outside of Buncombe County.” The details are here to read and download.

-The open-ended nature of the new Buncombe County “stay home, stay safe” order is starting to rub some reddit users raw.

Here are more links to local COVID-19 resources:

-Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville has excellent information about the novel coronavirus here.

-The Asheville Grown Business Alliance collection of resources.

-The Asheville law firm of Allen Stahl + Kilborne is putting out excellent, almost daily, deep dives on the latest COVID-19 developments and how it affects us locally.