Ashvegas Pet of the Week: Sierra, a furry social butterfly


Here you go! Special thanks to loyal reader Jami.

Sierra is a 10-year-old wild child and social butterfly. She absolutely LOVES people of all ages, and if we are out and about she refuses to let people walk by without saying “Hello.” Her favorite greeting is to walk right up and sit on a stranger’s feet and lean in for pets and love – she is impossible to resist! She is wonderfully tolerant of children, but will help herself to food that is easily available in little kids’ hands. Sierra is trying to make up for the life she didn’t have in her first 10 years – she lived in an outdoor pen, was probably used for breeding and abandoned at the shelter when the kids got “too old to want to mess with her.” Sierra craves time and attention and will smash her body as close to yours as possible in order to snuggle. She has tons of energy and is still working on controlling her exuberant jumping and mouthing. I cannot emphasize enough what a wonderfully special girl Sierra is. She is great with other dogs and seems like she is also good with kitties. Sierra does have chronic dry eyes and will require twice daily drops for the rest of her life. Please ask about meeting Sierra and giving her the lifetime of love and affection she deserves. E-mail

Brother Wolf currently has many senior dogs.  Senior dogs still have a lot of love to give and often make the best companion animals for people who are less active.  They generally have a harder time in the shelter environment.