Ashvegas Pet of the Week: Meet Grady


Here you go, from loyal reader Jami:

Meet Grady:

Grady is a sweet and very energetic boy, born about Feb. 2008, who loves to play. He spent the first year of his life all alone on a chain and arrived at the shelter very skinny and, so they say, smelling like a circus animal. He cleaned up great and has put on weight. He likes to take hikes in the woods (he’s terrific on leash) and loves, loves, loves to play catch.

He thinks the back seat of a car is perfect for snoozing. Road trip anyone?

Grady is wary of strangers and warms up to women faster than men. Once he trusts, he loves strongly and forever. He is a big cuddler and wonderful left home alone (no crate required!).

He is a big jumper in the Adoption Center, but at his foster mom’s house he didn’t even think about jumping the fence. In fact, he is quite a homebody. He would love a home with an active family that has a quiet social life, so they’ll have lots of time to snuggle.

Grady has been in the shelter for a really long time. He bounces around in the adoption center and it makes people think he is more wild than he is. Grady is part of a special program at Brother Wolf called The Lifelong Friends. This program aims to help our harder-to-place animals find loving homes by providing medical care, free pet food, and behavioral training for life to qualifying animals after adoption.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s Adoption Center is located at 31 Glendale Ave., Asheville, NC 28803 or call 828-505-3440 for more information. We are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.