The Ashvegas Social: Rolling through the RAD and much more


Last week was just one of those weeks. One of those weeks where I was out and about waaay too much, but having a good time at it.

It all really got rolling Thursday – weekends always get rolling in Ashvegas on Thursday – when I strolled up and down Depot Street. First stop was The Magnetic Field, where I had a couple of drinks and met M. I was looking for Chall, but no dice. Instead, I overheard tunes from a rehearsal for the upcoming Bombs Away burlesque show. “Illicitly Yours.” Yum.

From there, it was a short walk up to West One Salon for the opening of a show by fashion photographer James Warrick. The photos were a couple of years old, but still stylish. Warrick, a Western North Carolina native, had been living and working in New York City, as evidenced by his all-black clothing, but has recently moved back. We’ll keep an eye on him. There was the stylish Alli Marshall having a look around, as well as other lovelies, including The Honey Pot’s Sara Legatski, who is always straight-up cool and funny. O, and some guy in a kilt. It’s Asheville, after all.

On to The Artery, where Now You See Them was holding a CD listening party in advance of their Friday show. Lots of fun folks there, including the ever-elusive Michael F. Muller with his crew, Mike and Bo. Muller actually took time away from his live tweeting of the event to fetch me and M beers, but he had precious little time for chit-chat. Yo, Michael – why you protect your tweets again? Dude, I can still see ’em.

Slipped next door to The Junction, one of my fave RAD hangs. Sharon behind the bar just put out a new list of seasonal cocktails that is simply off the chain. Here’s just one example: Zeus’s Backbone, which is the following: watercress and lime muddled in a splash of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, shaken w/ Hendrick’s gin and Vya dry vermouth, served up w/ a cracked black pepper rim. By that time, all the artist types were rolling in and drinking, including Randy and Heddy from Pink Dog Creative next door. Just an amazing vibe.

From there, it was back to The Magnetic, where Tracey and Darren were practicing a juggling act for their upcoming show, which I’m super excited about – Love Among the Frankensteins. I’m telling you now – go see this.

And that was just Thursday.

Friday was some fun galavanting around downtown, including a stop at Sazerac, where Mr. Asheville aka Guadalupe Chavarria himself was hanging with all his friends. Guadalupe was celebrating his 40th birthday, and the owner of Studio Chavarria had all the beautiful people on hand to party with. Spotted: the other Mr. Asheville, Jon Elliston.

Saturday, more good times with a trip to Harvest Records for Record Store Day, which was just a mob scene. But Matt and Mark were hanging in and loving it. (Jack White on vinyl sounds great, btw.) Then over to Jesse Israel’s for some vegetable plants to get in the ground just in time for some of the coldest April weather to date.  Then downtown at the Aziz Ansari show. Dude was hilarious. Was hoping to run into him around town, but no such luck. With a ride out to the Get Down for some ill-fated late-night action, it just wasn’t in the cards.

Sunday peacefully spent with quiet time w/ family and friends.

Whew. Now time to do it all again.



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