Asheville’s Oktoberfest party will move from Wall Street next year


Here’s some interesting info from the Asheville Downtown Association regarding its annual Oktoberfest beer party in downtown Asheville:

We wanted to share some information with you on Oktoberfest. This was our 4th year and another sold-out event! Although the event is a lot of fun to produce and attend, our main priority with all our events is to bring people into Downtown and expose them to everything we have to offer. Here is a quick summary:

– Sold 1,800 tickets online
– Demographics:
-Gender: Still maintains an almost 50/50 split between males and females
-Age groups: The average age of attendee is 35.7, however, 39.3% of the crowd is over 40
-Education level: 32.3% of attendees have a Master’s degree or higher and 78.9% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. We can infer from this that this is a higher educated attendee that has disposable income to spend in our Downtown.
-Hotel: 44.5% of attendees stayed in a hotel or B&B with 26.4% staying multiple nights
-Restaurants: 83.3% of attendees dined in Downtown with 47.7% dining 2 or more times

Our Events Committee is already discussing how to improve this event for next year. Unfortunately, it would appear that we have outgrown Wall Street and will need to relocate the event next year, possibly to Pack Square Park. However, the crew is brainstorming on additional events that we could produce in Downtown and Wall Street is an area that we want to continue to program. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me or Meghan Rogers (our Marketing and Membership Manager).


burnsey November 20, 2012 - 9:31 am

Brian is right. Keep it small, charge more if you necessary. Not comparing the two, but look what happened to Lexington Ave Arts Fest.
Did it ever occur that maybe the location is what helped make it such a big success?

brian anderson November 20, 2012 - 8:33 am

seems to me that everytime something gets a little momentum going and starts doing well in our fair city, somebody decides bigger is better. WRONG! keep the event on wall st. it has that kind of european feel that that ugly-ass piece of trucked in grass and the soviet-era courthouse architecture can’t match.

Jeff Murphy November 19, 2012 - 6:08 pm

Well good luck on having anything down at “the park” …
even though there were events there for years, once the idea to “upgrade” the park via the “conservancy” it has become a fluster cluck …

the city denied the brewfest from being there … too many people
the stage access is a joke because that area has to remain “open”for emergency vehicles … even though there used to be bele chere booths right in front of both buildings …

what about the Grove Arcade as a co sponsor … and close off O’henry or Page …

good luck

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