Asheville’s Mojo Coworking looking to expand with new locations in NC, Fla.


Here’s an exciting development for Craig McAnsh, the founder of Asheville’s Mojo Coworking, some of the coolest coworking space in Asheville. Triangle Business Journal reports that Mojo is expanding:

As I reported last week, Asheville-based Mojo Coworking is considering an expansion in Chapel Hill. Founder Craig McAnsh says the town isn’t its only option, however. Specifically, the Mojo team is looking at four locations- including Gainesville, Florida.

While he won’t be specific about Chapel Hill’s competition for Mojo, he will be specific about what Chapel Hill has in its favor — and you won’t be surprised to hear the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tops the list.

“That helps entrepreneurial ideas,” he says. “Another is that a lot of people who work out of here at Mojo in Asheville happen to have connections or have lived in the area.”

Mojo is looking at other undisclosed locations in North Carolina.

And, while it caters to startups — that’s not Mojo’s only offering.