Asheville’s Lobster Trap celebrates 10 years of serving seafood in the mountains


Happy Birthday to the Lobster Trap! I missed posting this before the big party a week or so ago, but here goes anyway. Thanks to loyal reader Janet for the press release:

It was the summer of 2004, and Amy Beard had an idea. How about a restaurant in Asheville dedicated to serving fresh lobsters harvested by a high school pal and lobsterman? That’s how the concept for The Lobster Trap began, on the deck of The Lucky Catch on a breezy summer day in Portland, Maine.

It seemed simple enough at the time. Captain Tom pulled lobsters from his traps and put them on a plane bound for Asheville, NC. The restaurant opened its doors on Patton Avenue in March, 2005. People came, and came, and came. Ten years later, they still line up for the doors to open at The Lobster Trap.

A decade later, some things are the same. Captain Tom is still harvesting lobsters, and diners still devour them with delight. Chef Mike McCarty still works tirelessly to find just the right purveyors for the seafood The Lobster Trap serves, and Kim Murray runs the show with a smile on her face and boundless energy that she absorbs from her two young sons.

There are changes, too. Last year, the restaurant’s interior got a new look. This year, The Lobster Trap finalized its partnership with the Monterey Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program as part of Kim, Amy and Mike’s ongoing commitment to bringing fresh, sustainable seafood to the Appalachian Mountains.

“People in Asheville care about what they eat, and we care about what is put on the plate,” said Kim Murray. “The relationship with the Seafood Watch Program expands our ability to do that in important ways.”

The Celebration

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our loyal customers,” Kim added. “Amy Beard will be here to join in the celebration. So we hope they will join us Wednesday, Mach 11 through Saturday, March 14, to share good food with good friends.”

Customers will receive a free glass of champagne. Chef Mike McCarty has created a special “Anniversary Platter” with our signature shellfish (1 lobster, clams, shrimp & oysters) for only $46.

Over at Oyster House Brewing Company, Brew master Billy Klingel has created a special, limited edition Lobster Trap 10 Year Anniversary ale called the Bar Harbor Blue-Eyes Blonde. “It’s a yummy blueberry blonde ale that really compliments our menu,” Kim said. “Billy has taken his talent and passion from his garage to the bar at The Lobster Trap to his very own Oyster House Brew Pub in West Asheville.