Asheville writer co-authors new book delving into secrets of restaurant success


Asheville author Joseph D’Agnese has teamed up with entrepreneur/software developer Damian Mogavero to write book that delves into the secrets of restaurant success.

In The Underground Culinary Tour: How the New Metrics of Today’s Top Restaurants Are Transforming How America EatsD’Agnese and Mogavero take readers inside kitchens and eateries “to show us how data and statistics are helping restaurants stay profitable and are changing the way we eat,” D’Agnese writes. The book has been billed as “Moneyball for restaurants.

Mogavero is an entrepreneur and founder of Avero, a company that provides restaurant software to help owners analyze point of sale statistics and information. In the book, Mogavero and D’Agnese show how all that data is dramatically changing the way restaurants are operated.

A tidbit from publisher Crown/Random House:

In the bestselling vein of Moneyball comes an entertaining, behind-the-scenes narrative about how the restaurant business is being transformed by the use of data, in an industry historically run by gut and intuition. From celebrity-run restaurants to today’s cutting-edge culinary trendsetters, author Damian Mogavero looks at how the use of data is revolutionizing how restaurants are run, from hiring chefs and training staff to pioneering new recipes, reengineering menus, and transforming the dining experience from the inside out, so that no restaurant is out of anything you want, ever.

From Kirkus Reviews:

He makes persuasive arguments that some of the best restaurants in the country—in one particularly interesting chapter, he cites the Brennan family of New Orleans fame—make creative use of data to enhance the customer’s satisfaction in an extraordinary dining experience. … Mogavero provides a surfeit of palate-cleansing insight.

I can’t wait to check out the book, which will likely be of interest to Asheville’s restaurant owners.