Asheville Scene: Asheville jingle writer scores with video game soundtrack


From my story about Billy Sheeran in the Asheville Scene. Sheeran used to play in the band Speedsquare. He waits tables at the Corner Kitchen and has a regular piano gig at Chestnut restaurant every Thursday night:

Question: How did you get connected with the video game production?

Answer: It’s all independent. A buddy I grew up with in Virgina, he lives in Richmond, is writing the game. This is his first game, and he’s been working on it slowly but surely. His name is Andy Bowers, and he contacted me and said, “I’d love for you to do the music. Of course, I jumped on it. This is his first game, and it’s called “Floris.”

Q: How does the game work?

A: It’s like Tetris, but instead of rotating pieces as they fall, you rotate the screen where they land. It’s a little bit more challenging than Tetris, but once it clicks with you, it’s also more addictive. There’s a tutorial on Andy’s website,, and it has all the Floris know-how.

Q: How did you go about writing music for the game?

A: I did all the music on a keyboard that has all kinds of sounds. It’s piano-driven for the most part, but there are some orchestral arrangements. There are five songs as part of the game. You can play in song mode so the duration of the game lasts as long as the song, and each song has a color name — blue, pink, orange, green and yellow.